January 26, 2010

The Story of X & Y (a re-take)

Y: (breaking the silent prayer for faith) I want you, I wanted you.

X: (still walking away)

Y: It wasn’t only your reaction that held me back

X: (still walking away but in a slower pace)

Y: I wasn’t sure I can afford the risk. I wanted you from the very first day. But each day made me closer to you and the closer I got the harder it was to let you go.

X: (stops but still not looking at y)

Y: I wasn’t sure if I can live without you so I settled for the nothing you had to offer.

X: expected!! Everything is always about “YOU”

Y: No, it wasn’t about me. It was never ONLY about me. If it was only about me I would have told you. I would have faced you with everything I felt. I would have kissed you when I wanted. But I didn’t. And it wasn’t just because I couldn’t afford letting you go.

X: (finally turning) so what was it that held you back?

Y: (in hysterical tears) I couldn’t afford to break your heart.

X: (silent, hesitant to take a step towards Y, standing still)

Y: (almost collapsing) It worth the risk. Please. Kiss me!

X: (in cold, indifferent tone) I can’t.


deppy said...

Now I'm confused. what exactly would worth the risk!

Shimaa Gamal said...

The relation.

To be together worth the risk of losing one another.

Does it make any sense?

deppy said...

OMG! (l lamba nawret, lol) yes I got it, yes it makes sense!!!

I told you, weak and STUPID :@

ibhog said...

Why can't he?

I'm liking how intense your X & Y stories are.

Shimaa Gamal said...

@ Deppy, I strongly agree.
But I think Y is stupider. She shouldn't be into him the 1st place.

wala eh?

@ Ibhog:
let me ask you as a man, would you take a step towards Y, or will you just keep on with your other plans?

deppy said...

No, being into someone is out of our hands, sadly. And am sure he gave her the mixed signals too.

But if you ask me, she's stupid because she told him to take the risk, it wasnt supposed to be like that. she's telling him and now he's walking away? now it's her fault?

looking forward for the next retake.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Y has a strong record of stupidity :)
But in her defense, she is telling him on a hope he will hold on to her.

deppy said...

laa rabena ma3aha ba2a lol

Hebba said...

hi shaimaa
its HAW or DSB, now Hebba
interesting post. this is my first time to check ur blog. i like it.
yes, being together is worth the risk of losing one another.
sometimes ONLY risking losing eachother is ur way to know.
do i mkae any sense? :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Hebba :)
Now the mystery is revealed. I was wondering what happened to HAW

Thank you very much for passing by.

And yes, you are completely right.
I just wonder, when is the right time to take the risk.

Risk is a science, but I am not sure how applicable it is on personal relations. I really wonder, when is the right time to take that step and risk everything.

Hebba said...

thx ya shaimaa. actually u are the only one who noticed my disappearance from there.kattar kheirek wallahi :)

HAW was my initials, DSB is the name of my school
but hebba is just me.

anyway, the risk is always there, its up to your heart to decide when it is ready to take the step. when do u feel like u can not live without that person anymore and therefore u start going into that direction.
the risk is if this person accepts, if it works out, how compatible u are, how willing BOTH of u are willing to adjust to meet half way.
these are all risks, but the only "guarantee" for these risks are the love that connects both hearts.
and i am still of the same opinion, if we try then there will be 2 options: success or failure.
bas if we give up, fearing, watching, being careful, etc- there will be only one option: failure.

thx for accepting me here.
whenever u hv time check mine. a small ladies corner.:)
not that i meant it to be, but just no male followers :))))))

deppy said...

@ Hebba, it takes two to start the risk, and yes you're right, if we fear to take it in the first place then we are at the edge of failure.
Sometimes you crave for such an adventure, but sadly you'll stand still, cause the other part don't dare to take it and not aware enough there is no guarantees in living.

Hebba said...

deppy, i took the risky step. i knew that this will be either a light to lit my house and warm it, or it will burn it down and i will loose everything.
my house is burned and i lost everything.
and yes, the other party wasnt able to see the beauty of what i am giving. he rejected my love without even knowing what its all about.
terribly hurt, and my heart broken.
but u know what, so much i owed myself. this try to be happy.
now i am trying to stand up again and go on with my life.
and try to be happy again.
because i belive that i deserve it.

Shimaa Gamal said...

You know girls what is the problem of age :) It is harder to take risk the older you grow.
And it isn't really related to the age in numbers it is related to the age in terms of experience.

You get to the point when you know that you can't go through this again. You are so broken you need the other person to take the step. And then the other person will be having his own fears too. And you will stand still. Each of you thinking but not doing because life has done too much and you are way beyond fixing :)

Hebba, you are on my reader :) How can I not follow you :)

deppy said...

But you cant talk men to do things, no?

I found out that I dont know how to take risks, even when I was younger. I dont know shimaa but I'm thinking standing still is the safest to your ego, to your pride (also the most hurtful) and that's what I grew to do lately, to just wait for reactions after offering all the possibilities on the table, is that makes me old?

I know this is kind of a negative attitude but seriously I dont know what else to do, and this has been killing me :(, and mens' world is just tricky and deceitful.

Shimaa Gamal said...

It is same here. I don't know what to do. And I wish I had any ego left.

I can't get myself to try. It is irritating but I think I will just get used to it. And this is growing up I guess.