November 20, 2009

So Long Fair Play

These are the videos of what happened to the Egyptian fans in Sudan.

I am a hardcore football fan. I am used to the fact that sometimes things get hot and people get violent. But this is not violence. This is organized crime.

Egyptians were attacked after they lost the match, I wonder what would have happened if they won.

Egyptian companies in Algeria are being attacked, and Egyptians are being held hostages.

Algerian media are spreading rumors that an Algerian fan was killed in Egypt but they have troubles showing the dead body, because there are no dead bodies. An Egyptian fan lost an eye. Algerians did it.

So long for FIFA fair play.


gjoe said...

I am pleading you to stop sharing those stuff ya Shimaa. Begad, people get outraged from these posts..And for the wrong reasons. Kefaya begad. Kefaya.
And if you have the time in your busy day, kindly drop by my post to see my whole point view..

Thanks Dear :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

I am going to comment a very long comment to your post tonight isa :)

It is not the thing to do in between other things :)