September 10, 2009

Jobless Lady*

One of my best friends wrote me this :)

By Amany Zakaria

I met a friend, not long time ago
A very close friend, with a mind that glows
She's single, well-educated I know
But was suprised to learn, she works no more!!!

Upon asking her the reason for so
Is it recession or no place to go
She surprised me with a theory...
I'd love to share with you all

She asked simplily "why the OH!
If I am not bored,
Nor am I financially low
In fact, there's a lot to do"

"I spend my time reading, like i never read before
I can develop mentally, that's for sure
I have time for my family and friends so close
Why is it a must i go to work?"

"Why link education to having to work?
Why staying home is such a dark thought?
Why, when I get married, it's better to stay home?
Why do I "just have to go with the flow?""

My family talks to me no more
My friends pray I leave the "store"
They believe i do nothing but clean the floor
Why not accept me the way I adore?"

Dear friend, forgive me for doing so
Not accepting nor supporting you
But, rather, pushing and arguing you
And why..........just because "everybody sees so"

*Special dedication to shimaa gamal. I'm still waiting for your theory in colliqual arabic, as i heard it from you :)


ibhog said...

That was really nice!

I'd like to hear about your theory :)

[I relate so much to the reading thing, I'm falling behind like crazy!]

Noblese said...

A very interesting mail ... I love it.

That's a life many would love to have but can't afford.

It needs courage to not go with the flow. And I wish your friend
all the best.

As for working well maybe she can do it as a hobby if she would like to.

I am also looking forward to your theory.

Shimaa Gamal said...

I guess we are all falling behind in reading.
I have always dreamed to have a job that's related to reading. When I was a kid I used to tell my mom that I want to read earn my living because I do :) Now, well, I can barely find time to read. And boring books make me impatient though I used to manage reading and finishing super boring books.

I agree that this is a life many would like to have but can't afford. But what if you can afford this life but people are fighting you to follow the pattern?
I am the lucky one who is being fought to get back to work :) Yet I am trying to make a statement before giving in.

As for the theory, I have been wanting to write about it for a while. But these days it is easier to talk than write. Something is clearly wrong :) :) :)

E N G Y said...

I kinds envy that girl!!:D
I left work few weeks ago due to recession decision and am feeling going nut, falling in depression and have no urge to even leave my bed!!

Noblese said...

Shimaa, just as a matter of interest ... what would happen if you don't follow the pattern by wanting to lead the life you want?

Mohaly said...

Guys, anyone who is jobless should use this time in reading, and exercise.. stuff that are beneficial and are usually squeezed or even omitted from the working day.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Juka, you kidding! I didn't know you left work!
Look at the bright side, isn't it great to own your time. You can now enjoy the mornings, catch up with friends, invest time in your family. Read, write and focus on you.
I guess your depression will be my biggest motive to write my theory :)

Actually from my current perspective, I am not seeing a problem in doing what I want to do. But, people seems to see what I can't see.
I am not arguing against the need for the person to have a job. I am just arguing that not all jobs pay. You may have a job that's not being counted in the GDP. Not because your job is insignificant but because the definition of GDP is tight and too materialistic. In the time life is built on many immaterial things.
In their arguments, my choice of being "jobless" - which is completely different than "unemployed" will lead to be being old, lonely and eventually poor.
I will be old, because this is life. We just grow old, I can't control this. I will be lonely because I am not married and according to them I won't ever get married as I am not having enough exposure and according to them too work would give me this exposure. Finally poor, because I can't deny that I can afford things now because my dad is the one who really can afford them. But yet again, when I worked I was completely under paid and I couldn't afford anything. So, apparently I am meant to be poor :)

I am making a statement. I want to prove to people that your value isn't related to how much your job pays and your value isn't related to whether this job is counted in GDP or not. But no one seems to be getting my point. I am just being treated as insane, lazy and in the best cases severely depressed.

Anyway, these were pretty much the basis for my theory :) I am not sure what else will come up if I managed to write it.

I completely agree. Not working is a chance to catch up with the things we neglect in favor of our jobs.
Next Feb, it will be 3 yrs for me without a job. I am not sure if I will hang till that day but I can assure you that those 2 and half years didn't go to waste. I just explored many hidden territories that I was too busy to see before.

Noblese said...

"People seem to see what I can't see."

... or maybe also what you don't want to see, if I may.

You are right with not all jobs pay but don't you think that any job is 'significant' in one way or another, regardless whether its GDP relevant or not?

For me, having a job is keeping me independent ... I am also not married and have to support myself. My parents have passed away years ago ... God rest their souls.

Even if I were to get married, I would still need my independence and space.

Isn't it still like that in Egypt, that to get married there's a queue of prospect fiancees waiting to be 'viewed'?

Take care!

Shimaa Gamal said...

you laid your hands on the very core of the problem. "Independence"

I completely agree that all jobs are significant. Even some of the jobs that aren't counted in the GDP might be more important.

And it is still the same in Egypt :) I guess it is even getting worse :)

And true, maybe I don't want to see what people see but this is another long story :)

Is it cold yet in Switzerland?

Noblese said...

Hi Shimaa, why is it getting worse in Egypt with the fiancees? Have I missed something?

As for the weather, we have around 16 C today; long sleeves and jackets. Winter is nearing.

Have you been to Switzerland?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Noblese
Sorry for being late, I thought I have replied but apparently I didn't :(
I haven't been to Switzerland before, but I so want to visit one day. It is one of the places I mark as potential Neverland.

As for the suiters in Egypt, it is just getting worse :) The quality! Seriously all "kasr" a living proof for the eternal Egyptian proverb "lw kan fih el khier ma kan ramah el tier"

I am sorry again for being late. I hope you are doing fine.

Have a great day

Noblese said...

Hi Shimaa
No problem at all. I Can imagine that you are very busy with the coming Eid ... Eid Mubarak ...
Why is Switzerland a Neverland? It's only a 4 hour flight from Cairo. Anyway, if you make it to here do let me know.
I am doing fine, thanks God.
Take care

Shimaa Gamal said...

Neverland in the good sense, I call my heaven Neverland :)
And sure, you will be the 1st to know if I ever come to Switzerland (which I hope will be sooner than I expect)