April 20, 2016

On Healing


They say that healing is a self process. They say that you shouldn't wait for someone to fix you, because no one could fix you but you. They say that you shouldn't be waiting for a helping hand because you are the only one who could pick you up.

They say healing is a self process, and they are right to a great extent. Yet, healing leaves scars. Scars hurt. And putting scars to test, they usually tend to bleed again. 

The real test of healing is how we deal with a bleeding scar. A bleeding scar is nothing but a reminder that whatever we are doing used to hurt one day but now we are ok.

We are healed only when a little bleed is nothing but a little bleed.

Healing is all about perspective.

It is ok if your scars hurt, hurt means you have survived.

Just don't mind the bleed! 

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