October 31, 2015

Random Messages - 5

I am just lonely. It has become the new norm.
It is just like a huge monster is crushing my heart mercilessly.

I keep breathing. I keep doing what I always do. I keep looking around for friends, I keep writing, I keep making a fool of myself, I keep begging for things I know no one wants to give me, and I keep getting shut off.

I am at a point where I don't know exactly what's crushing my heart more, loneliness or the constant rejection. I don't know which is worse, having things to say & no one to listen to, or just pouring those things in random ears anyway.

I am lonely .. I miss having someone to talk with. I miss having someone who listens to my crazy ideas, someone who will listen to the same old story till I get to the new moral.

I am lonely .. and I don't really know how to undo this. 


E said...

I feel u ... I am lonely too and i have always been the worst thing was realizing this fact loneliness has always been my friend .
Maybe we r better left alone ... We r not designed to be with ppl , we dont function well with them cause we r givers and they will suck our energy to the last drop , ppl like us will never find anyone who is as loyal as we want them to be we have high standards

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello E

it is sad btw. to get to live with such "facts".

it is sad. really sad.