April 22, 2014


This needs to be said out loud!

I think I should give up the whole writing thing.

I am making a fool of myself.

I am just a pathetic girl who is way too coward to face the world so she writes her worries down.

This shouldn't be called writing.

It is a pathetic act from a pathetic person.

I am mediocrity in flesh and bones.


Anonymous said...

Dear Shaimaa,
I believe that it took you a lot of time and anger to write this short and loud note.
I would not claim that I am in a position to say I know you well , but I know enough to say you have not written those few lines to seek empathy or validation from readers.
I am sure you've selected and meant every word of it.
I am a very bad of an advisor so I will just truly wish you well.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Hussein

Thanks a lot for your kind words :)

Have a good day :)

Anonymous said...

U 2 and cheer up :)

Anonymous said...

I like to believe that I follow excellence not mediocrity.
so please don't let your admirers down:)
Your writing ya Shimaa is really good, your politics ...Eh:)
but over all you are better than you may think.
be safe,

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello M :)

Thanks for the push. I seriously needed that :)

as for the politics ... hmmm nobody is perfect one day you will change ur mind and join my camp :P :P :P :P

thanks again :)