February 18, 2009

A Little Fun

I found these on Askandarani's blog. Try them out :)

Your Love is Based on Affection

Your need for love is very primal and basic. You can't imagine living without love.

And for you, love is something that's best expressed through touch.

You're always up for a hug or a cuddle. And you feel a bit rejected when you don't get enough affection.

Whether you're sharing a blanket or sharing an order of fries, you thrive when you're close to the person you love.

Why your love can last: You express your love freely and frequently

Why your love can fail: You can come off as clingy, and this freaks people out

Your Love Style is Storge

For you, love and friendship are almost the same thing

And your love tends to be the enduring, long lasting kind

(You've been known to still have connections with exes)

But sometimes your love is not the most passionate

Leap before you look, and you'll find that fire you crave


Sherif said...

I've taken the tests ..

To my surprise My Love is based on Affection !!

Not only that, but also my Love Style is storge ..

Do you think there is only one result? I have to try myself .. with different answers

I liked it, despite of anything

Shimaa Gamal said...

Actually, there are different results :) Askandarani had a different result.
It just seems that we share the same style in love :))

I am happy you liked.

Thanks for passing by