October 12, 2008

A Hint!

Never do something that you haven’t been asked to do because eventually when the time comes and you have to say “I did it for you” the only answer you will get is “but I never asked you to do”.


LiL^OrioN said...

and sometimes, they just assume it's your duty and you'll have to do it the next time. -.-"

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Haz

You are right and though they will eventually say we never asked you to do, you will always be expected to do :)

I am so happy you put your blog back to the public

kochia said...

عندك حق
وبيكون الواحد مش عارف يعمل ايه رغم ان هدفه كان خير بجد
وساعات فعلا لو معملتيش تبقي مقصرة برده
بس الافضل
اللي انت قولتيه
نعمل لما ينطلب مننا


Only Love said...

hi ya shimaa :)
how are you doing ? I hope everything is great with you.it has been a long time I didn't know anything about you.
I hope u didn't forget me. but anyway I'm happy coz this is my first time to comment on one of your topic's inspite that I read alot of them before.
concering your hint i do believe in it very much but for my bad luck I knew it so late after I heard this sentence ( I didn't ask you to do it for me ) but anyway we are learning :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Kochia

تصدقى أنا الحاجة اللى محيرانى فعلاً إيه يخلى أى حد يقول أنا مطلبتش تعملى
تفتكرى دفاع عن النفس و لا رخامة و لا قلة نظر

بس فى كل الأحوال الأحسن لما تعملى حاجة تكون مطلوبة منك و لو مش مطلوبة لازم توضحى قبل ما تعمليها إنك هاتعملى علشان خاطرهم و برضو لو قولتى هاتعملى حاجة علشان خاطر حد يمكن تاخديلك كلمتين :) مافيش فايدة

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Only Love
Long time no see, congrats on your new blog :)
It really has been time but you are the one who have been hiding ;) it has been a while since you last commented on Mohaly’s, where were you?
I wasn’t hiding it was just Ramadan, you know extra cooking, extra family gatherings, and a sudden change in the pattern of sleeping. But I am done fasting (7ata el seta el beed :) ) so khalas I am back.
I am so happy that you have been following my posts and that you have finally commented.
You are right, we are learning but unfortunately we do at a very high cost.

Have a great day my dear

Only Love said...

Hi Shimaa :
thank you very much for your nice words ya gamel:)
you are right I was hiding for a while but sometimes you feel that you have to re-arrange everything in your life again to know what you have to do afterwards?
and then ramadan came and as you said, you don't have any time for any thing.

bas walahy gad3a enek khlas finished fasting even ( el seta el bed) ana lesa na2s lya 3 days.
bgd I'm happy and luckey also to b back and know people like you.
shimaa can i add you to my list ?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Noha

rabena ma3aky we tesoomy the last days, ana kont khalas 2arabt aftas bas 2olt forsa koloh wara ba3d 3ashan lw 2asmt-hom mesh hasoom wala yoom :)

Sure you can add me, I am really happy you are back and it will be a pleasure to be on your list.

Waiting :)

Frustrated said...

yes, but if you did it out of love and care then you will never regret it no matter what you have been told!!

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Frustrated
I guess we usually do the things that we weren’t asked to do out of love and care and it is not regret that we feel. It is more like disappointment. It is disappointing to have “I didn’t ask for it” in return for love.
Thanks for passing by, I hope you soon get back to your optimistic days or at least have some less frustrations :)

Anonymous said...

I think sometimes it is best to do good lelaah w 7'alas.. As i once read in some book, "expect ingratitude".

You know el masal beta3 e3mel 7'eer w ermeeh el ba7r? aho el wa7d lazem ye3mel 7'eer w yermeeh el ba7r..3ashan maybe, just maybe, someone else will do you a favor you havent ask them to, and then you would know better to thank them!

Shimaa Gamal said...

You know you are right Gjoe, it is just that sometimes we seem to forget that someone some where is doing something just to please us.

Now I feel I owe someone an apology :(