October 13, 2007

Fairies’ Boxes and Black Tales

Once upon a time, there was a little beautiful girl who suffered from everything in life. She was poor, orphan with a witch step mother. The girl has hidden all her life, trying to survive poverty and adapting to the step mother orders. Till one day a prince showed up, to do all the work and magically saving her days.
That was a typical fairy tale, something that can describe Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood , The Beauty & The Beast or any other tale of the long list fed to little girls.
These fairy tales are mostly characterized by some major aspects. In all these stories the girl is always of rare beauty and people around her are tremendously ugly.
The girl is always miserable, either because of being poor, or because of a horrible step mother, or for any other reason. But misery is a pre-requisite in any fairy tale. And this misery is the source of the girl’s nobility.
The girl will never work to end her misery; the girl is always characterized of being patient and adapting to the surrounding harsh environment.
In all these tales, a fairy will interfere to give the girl the proper chance to meet a prince charming, and if there was no fairy then there will always be a magic well, or a wish to finding someone to love. Some how a prince will show up, and when the prince shows up there will not be any problems. The prince will slay the dragons, kill the dark magic and finally save the girl’s life with a magical kiss. The prince will make a princess of the poor girl, and they will always live happily ever after.
Girls are brought up on these tales, tales that value beauty, imply that misery is noble, induce submission, and promote the idea of prince charming.
A girl awaits her fairy tale; her life is a misery without a prince. Beauty is her only weapon and happily ever after is her only goal.
The girl lives believing that solutions are man made, usually in a form of a kiss.
In real life, there are no fairies. And princes have their own troubles. In real life, kisses are not the solution, but probably are the start of problems. In real life, misery isn’t a state of nobility but overcoming it, is.
Fairy tales explain most of the girlish behavior. It explains the fashion passion. The make up trends, the dancing classes, the weight watch, the nagging, the sad look and the competition. For each girl is doing her best to be the princess who catches the princess eyes.
There is not a fairy tale that describes a princess as smart or wise. There is not a prince who fell for a princess’ mind.
There is not a fairy tale without a misery as there is not a fairy tale without a magical kiss.

If only girls knew that there is no Santa, and that Cinderella filed for divorce.


Once, I was one of those girls. I had the fairy tale theme running in the back ground of my life. I got into most of my relations opting for the happily ever after end. I waited for the magical kiss that infuses life in the princess veins.
But the princes in my tales were never charming, and the fairies were never skillful. And by the end of each tale, I grab the fairy, the memories and the prince, put them all in big black box and throw them away in a deep dark sea.
I remembered my old fairy tales as Brad asked me which one was my prince charming. He wanted to know if I had the ability to choose, which one of them was going to have the happily ever after life with me.
I couldn’t give him an answer; it wasn’t the first time to be asked that question. A friend asked me that very same question before and I couldn’t give him an answer.
But some how his question made me go through the black boxes buried in the dark sea. I started getting each box out to figure out what was missing to make it a fairy tale.
The first box was too stinky that I couldn’t stand the smell. It seems that I have buried the prince alive along with his fairy. I looked at the scattered pieces of memories then I closed my eyes and I drew an end that would have made that tale a fairy tale.
This tale would only be a fairy tale, if that little man gets the chance to re-meet his old girl. It will only be a fairy tale, if he has got the chance to know that the little girl is now a woman. The envy look will complement the happy look I will have on my face.
I buried that stinky box, and got out another. That one didn’t have a buried prince. It had a live fairy with a glittery magic wand. The box had a big vault with secret numbers where I kept a dagger with my blood on and a little pieces of papers of what shouldn’t be remembered. I closed my eyes and made a wish, for the fairy to die and for the prince to vanish.
I moved on to another box, it had “DANGER” engraved on it. It was empty for my surprise. I let the memories go one night but I kept the box to remind me of the man who stepped on my Neverland.
I came across the Brad’s box where I know the woman is buried I asked if she has anything to say, and all what she said was, if it was meant to be a fairy tale he would have finished the kiss dream.

I buried the boxes back in place with all the memories, princes and unattainable happy endings. And if I am to choose a dream, I will never choose any of them. As the man who deserves my tears will never make me cry.
Picture: Galatea Of The Spheres by Salvador Dali


Anonymous said...

Have you read Princess Bubble?

Shimaa Gamal said...

No, I didn't

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Gamal,

You fear a helpless rabbit. You fear a frail shadow of frightened kitten. You fear the escape of your malicious enemy.

You have faced your worst enemies last night and you've claimed a triumphant victory; fear.

I used to call you 'A lion in a kitten'. That was a title you've earned, so don't make me regret calling you that, and show me that the lion still rumbles the earth and cracks the skies with its mighty roar. I need to know you still have that roar, ya Shimaa.

You know who I am.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

you know how much i loved this post... you cant imagine how much i am touched by it ...

the lovely magical details, and the sensitive description of every single tear, and laugh ..

a great practice that i have to go through, and i will be encouraged by your initiative

i love the last quote, so true...

i wish you live the tale where there is nothing to be burried, but happily spreading the news all over the kingdoms of earth

Shimaa Gamal said...

Thanks dear, I wish you the same. A tale with no tails :) A tale that never ends