December 16, 2016

A Decade

Ten years ago I posted my very first hello world on this blog. Back then I was frustrated, and creating a blog was Sameh's suggestion.
Before creating the blog I used to email my thoughts to my friends, the thing that was usually ignored, even one of them asked me to stop doing it because why would anyone be interested in reading such things.

So, I created the blog. I started sharing my thoughts with the void. But apparently the void had ears. I made friends through the blog, and it was my means to land my dream job.

Through the ten years, I moved from being the girl who sends her thoughts in emails that no one cares to read to the girl who writes bi-weekly articles for a newly born online newspaper.

Lots of things changed in those ten years. We, have been through a lot together, you, me and the blog.

Dear readers, dear void with ears, Thank you for listening.


Haz said...

salaam dear... yes, i was one of those ears. and i am glad i befriended you. i haven't stop reading your posts because i receive them via email. heh. anyways, happy 10th anniversary to you with the blogworld. lol! take care love!

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Haz

I miss you so much.

You are one of the many blessings that were sent my way through the blog.

I hope life is treating you and everyone you love well.