June 18, 2014

On Needs

Sameh used to tell me that my problem is that I keep mixing between what I need and what I want.

He might be right because my list of needs includes lots of silly things.

* I need a hug. A squeezing hug. A hug that I didn't ask for.
Not only a hug. I need to be hugged by a man. Not my father, not my brother and not any of my uncles.
I need a squeezing hug by a man who loves me enough to take me into his arms and squeeze my fears and issues out of my bones.

* I need emotional safety. I need to be, again, liked for who I am. To be adored regardless my imperfections.

* I need not to nag or beg. I need things to go the way that I want without having to fight neither myself nor anyone else.

* I need fruitful talks. I need someone who puts me ahead of other things and maybe equally to himself. Again someone who isn't obliged to do it by blood.

I need a man. I could go about and say lots of things but deep down it is all about needing a man to genuinely love me.

I need to be loved the way I want. At least when I really need it.

I need a man ... but apparently the universe believes it is not a need. It is a mere "want" that could be skipped.

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