January 20, 2014

6 months later ...

I miss him in so many ways ...  It is crippling!


Anonymous said...

Hello Shimz,

Not many call you that, so I guess you know who I am :)

Might I ask; is there any way that you think that can make you be with the person you miss so badly?


Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Iz

He doesn't want to be with me.

He left, like you did. Blocked me like you did.

so, no .. there isn't a way that I can think of that brings us together

:) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shimz,

Let's take a look at the silver lining if this cloud, shall we?

If you say he left (like I did), and blocked you (like I did), then it is very probably the very same reasons I had to do so. Wanna hear em?

Shimaa Gamal said...

sure Iz :)

you know how curious I am :)

Anonymous said...

Okay Miss Curious, here I go all blunt and without any attempts to make things look better:

1- He's a bastard (just like I am)
2- He's a bastard (also like I am)
3- You have probably tilted your nagging a bit to the higher side
4- I don't know the guy, I mean I'm really sure he's a great guy, but at the end of the day however, he's a guy, and guys are pricks (me included).
5- Your blessing has most likely been your curse; you must have outsmarted him in more ways than he could handle, so he simply got spooked and ran off. (You know of course how silly men are in our society and can't stand a woman to outsmart them)
6- He's a bastard (just like I am)

Bas ya sitty.


Shimaa Gamal said...

He outsmarted me, I didn't nag .. and yes he is a bastard and so are you :)

That was enlightening Iz :)

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

A man who outsmarts you must be a very significant man.

I hope my comments didn't bother you or made you feel uncomfortable in any way.

If they do, then please tell me, and I shall cease at once commenting at your blog.


Shimaa Gamal said...

No, I am just curious to know why you keep reading?

nothing in this world could bother me btw.

If they do, i would totally ignore them.

Shimaa Gamal said...

and you know what, I was never a nag with you.
I never did.

and probably you are married to a typical egyptian woman who nags more than ever.

so, yes. You don't get to call me a nag after all these years.

You got into my life just because you felt like screwing the girl who thinks high of herself.

You did.

You outsmarted me.

So you don't get to call me a nag.

Anonymous said...

My apologies.

I didn't mean to upset you. As to why I keep reading; simply because your writing style is very appealing.

Once again, kindly accept my apologies. I shall not comment again.


Shimaa Gamal said...

براحتك يا إسلام ، عايز تعلق أهلا بك في أي وقت .

ليلتك سعيدة

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I didn't call you a nag. And you never were nagging with me.

Truly, you never nagged.


Shimaa Gamal said...

I was never a nag neither with you nor with anyone else.

I am truly not a nag.

I live with people you know, and they never complained that Shimaa is a nag.


it was just surprising that after these years you decide to list the reasons of why would a guy block me as "you nag".

I don't.

And also for the record, he reads. Just like you do.

Apparently my writing style is so appealing, men like to break my heart and then read what I write about it :)

It is ok :)

You know, I am used to this.