October 28, 2013

Another Pathetic Post

I seriously don't know where to start.

He is getting back to his ex wife.

yes, another guy leaving me for another woman.

He is getting married. The guy who repeatedly said he is anti "marriage" is getting married. and to whom? to the woman who has made him the idea of being in a relationship in the 1st place.

I don't know what exactly do I do to them to make them all get married.

I don't know what do I exactly fix.

He left me without even a goodbye.

He burnt all types of bridges between us.

And he is getting married ...


Anonymous said...

Hello Shimaa, from reading your blog you strike me as someone who is extremely smart.
and if the photo on twitter is yours then you have no problem in the look department.
(you have lots of felool followers:)

Now, why your relationships are not working the way you want, and guys end up leaving?!
It can be many things,
May be you are too giving or less giving, And I dont mean the sex part here, because if they get that they will leave even faster and that will add insult to injury.

may be your intelligence Is a threat to people who are not your equal.

Don't assume that you are the problem, the Egyptian society Is not well these days and I can venture to say it's sick society with allot of insecurity.
Don't blame yourself just analyse and hopefully you will put your finger on the problem someday.
I'm sure it is not that simple to you, but I just wanted to put that brief note in a very complex and emotional issue.
Be well.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello M

It is always nice to start my days with reading your comments. So thank you :)

and ربنا يجبر بخاطرك :) yes it is my picture on twitter. and i am being followed by lots of folools because I am a fella :D
The whole jan25 thing put me among a the folool side of Egypt. Which is fine :)

I am probably giving too much too soon.

The fact that they will leave faster if the got sex is on top of the reasons none of them get any.

But they leave as soon as they get to the end of my boundaries.

I am trying not to blame myself. but really, that guy is the Forth guy in a row. Hamdy, Mohamed, Islam and Hussein.

The idea that I have been in four relationships is striking. It is too much, I am not even counting the "flings", the short and shallow flirting or the secret crushes.

It is too much.

Really. I wish I could know what the problem is. Or simply kill my needs for relationships and stuff.

Thank you again :)
You always bright up my gloomy days :)

Manager said...

Hi Shimoo,
Don't bother yourself.
They are the lossers and you are the winner.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Maybe and maybe not :)

Do I know you? :)

Manager said...

yes, I'm your ex manager :)