January 26, 2013

On The Things We See

In the movie “Life of Pi”, the little boy thought the tiger was his friend. He told his father that he saw a soul in the tiger’s eyes. His father warned him that animals have no souls and whatever he sees in the tiger’s eyes are the reflections of his own feelings.

What if you are with someone and you feel too happy and you look him in the eye and you see that he is happy too. What if that was one of the happiest times you had in your life.
What if you lived under the impression that both of you were equally happy, because you have seen happiness in their eyes.

What if it wasn't there?

What if you only saw happiness because you were happy? What if what that person had was just a blank stare that your subconscious translated as a happy look because you needed it to be a happy look?

How would you know?

How can you possibly tell that whatever you are seeing is real and not just a reflection of your feelings?


L.G. said...

الفيلم ده لسه صديق نصحني اشوفه هو للدرجادي مهم ؟
واعتقد انه تكملة للبوست اللي قبله نفس السؤال
كان حقيقة ولا خيال ؟

so stop that :: wt if ?
I just know.
u will just know.

Shimaa Gamal said...

الفيلم صورة مبهرة ، بس في رسائل كثير مباشرة . بس إجمالًا فيلم لطيف . و لا تندمي إنك دفعتي فلوس علشان تشوفيه :)

و فعلًا البوست ده مرتبط باللي قبله :)

و حاضر هابطل ال
what if :)

بجد أسعدتيني يا سماح بتعليقات النهاردة

marooned84 said...

I believe you can sense it, not just see it. If they are not happy they have to be the best actor in the world to pretend they are and actually fool you into believing it yourself.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mo

I think you are right. Else I will be the fool who fail for the best actor in the world :)

Have a nice weekend :)

L.G. said...

عايزة ااقولك حاجة ومتضحكيش
انا رحت الفيلم ومفهمتش اي حاجة والفيلم ممل جدا وغلس :(
ابقى باه فهميني على التليفون

Shimaa Gamal said...

هو الفيلم رسالته مباشرة :) بس لو فكرتي هاتكتشفي فيه حاجات لطيفة

بس صورته جميلة :)