November 05, 2012

On that kiss of life ...

Him: I want one kiss

Her: *Silence*

Him: Seriously, all what I want is one kiss. I love you. I won’t ask for more. Just kiss me. One last time.

Her: No. I can’t. I won’t.

Him: Why?

Her: Because I want more. I want more than a kiss. I want kisses. I want hugs. I want sex … I want love!

Him: *Silence*

Her: I want more … I need more! I want to live. And you can’t offer me life.


The Unidentified said...

maybe he can ... and he will

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello :)

well who knows :)

Thanks for passing by

L.G. said...

هههههههههه فكرتيني بصورة انا عايزة بوسة
عندك حق انت تستحقي حياة كاملة مش بوسة والسلام
بس بجد فكرة جبارة بس خلي بالك بعدين تندمي لما تفضلي من غير بوسة ولا حضن ولا اي حاجة خالص :)))))))))))
صدقيني وتقولي يارتني كنت خاتلي بوسة